How Simple Interact Integrates With eClinicalWorks

Author: Ravi Kalidindi
Gear icons, one labeled “data integration,” all together representing how Simple Interact integrates with eClinicalWorks.

eClinicalWorksis a privately held technology company providing cloud-based EHR and integrated healthcare IT solutions.

Recognized asone of the largest EHR vendors on the market, eClinicalWorks supports 850,000 healthcare professionals around the globe. Its users include hospitals and health centers, ambulatory practices across 50+ medical specialties, and urgent care facilities.

Simple Interact’s deep integration with eClinicalWorks provides front office automation support to their customers, improving areas such as patient forms, patient engagement, and patient feedback.

7 Key Simple Interact Integrations With eClinicalWorks

Deep integration with eClinicalWorks enables a bidirectional exchange of information between Simple Interact and the EHR. The result? Reduced manual workload on staff, allowing them to work smarter and not harder, and enabling patients to have a more productive and satisfying visit. 

Infographic: How Simple Interact Integrates With eClinicalWorks

Simple Interact complements eClinicalWorks with push-pull integration across seven essential categories:

Integration #1: Appointment Data

Patient appointment data is synchronized seamlessly between Simple Interact and eClinicalWorks.

Appointment changes made in eClinicalWorks are pulled automatically into Simple Interact. Simple Interact then sends reminders to patients, asking them to complete actions. If a patient confirms or cancels their appointment via Simple Interact, the change is pushed back to the eClinicalWorks calendar. Similarly, patient arrival status captured through Simple Interact is pushed back to the eClinicalWorks system.

Integration #2: Patient Data 

Via Simple Interact, patients effortlessly share their demographics, personal contact information, guarantor details, and emergency contact information. These updates are automatically pushed to the relevant areas of the patient’s record in eClinicalWorks.

Integration #3: Medical History

Through Simple Interact, patients share medical history details such as family history, social history, surgical history, hospitalizations, allergies, medications, vaccinations, and gynecological history. Simple Interact then pushes this medical history information as a note or PDF to the eClinicalWorks record.

Integration #4: Encounter Data

When patients complete pre-check-in steps for their appointments, Simple Interact pushes their encounter-related data to eClinicalWorks as PDFs or notes. Information might include current complaint, history of present illness as a human-readable physician note, review of systems, and screening results such as Patient Health Questionnaire-9 (PHQ-9).

Integration #5: Single Sign On

With true single sign on, front-office staff need only log in to eClinicalWorks. They can then use a link from within eClinicalWorks to open the Simple Interact dashboard in a new tab. There is no need for an additional log-in.

Integration #6: Legal Data

Simple Interact makes it quick and easy for patients to review and sign legal forms, such as Notice of Privacy Practices and office policies. In addition to automatically pushing the signed PDFs into eClinicalWorks, Simple Interact also pushes signature-on-file data.

Integration #7: Images and PDFs 

Simple Interact pushes PDFs of all completed patient form packets (for example, intake forms and consent forms) — as well as PDF images of patient photos, driver’s licenses, and insurance cards — to the appropriate folders under patient documents within eClinicalWorks.

Quote: How Simple Interact Integrates With eClinicalWorks

Simple Interact + eClinicalWorks: Take a Look

Simple Interact is committed to a deep and reliable integration with eClinicalWorks. We aim to streamline and speed up the patient workflow for any medical facility employing this widely used EHR.

Want to take a look? Contact us for a preview of how Simple Interact works with eClinicalWorks to help make your team more productive, your practice more efficient, and your patients more engaged.

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