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"Simple Interact has completely revamped our day to day, and helped us streamline processes. Patients are more informed, and can easily confirm appointments. The options are endless with this software."

Elizabeth Barrett, Practice Administrator
Fort Worth ENT

Automated Reminders

  • SMS, Email, or Voice options
  • Confirm appointment, Cancel, or Request Reschedule
  • Day-of-appointment reminder with navigation instructions
  • Multi-language support
  • Configurable and customizable
  • Integrated to Scheduling systems

On-demand, Broadcast, and Outreach Messages

We make it easy for staff to send email and SMS messages to an individual patient or to a list of patients or appointments that meet specific criteria. Customers use this capability extensively for purposes such as sending a call-to-action, broadcasting an office closure notice, conducting a health outreach campaign, and much more!

Pre & Post Visit Instructions

To increase patient adherence and prevent costly reschedules, make sure your patients receive pre-op specific reminders and pre-procedure instructions, so they arrive well-informed. Post-visit instructions and post-op screenings can similarly be automated. Different messages can be configured for different appointment types.

Pre-Appointment Checklist

Imagine a unified checklist that combines various reminders and call-to-actions. Patients receive email or SMS messages about pending items from the outset and are reminded at appropriate intervals leading up to their appointment. This proactive approach helps set expectations, reduces confusion, and enhances adherence. You can maintain different checklists for different visit types.

2-Way SMS Chat

Instead of making patients endure long hold times or your staff engage in phone tag, utilize the efficiency of 2-Way SMS Chat. Your team can manage multiple conversations simultaneously through our HIPAA-compliant online dashboard. Our service includes features for assignment, search, filtering, archiving, and reporting.

Customized to Meet Your Specific Needs

Additional Customizations

Want telehealth patients to receive different reminders with provider-specific links on telehealth platforms like or vsee? Need transportation instructions to be sent to patients who need a transportation service? Need to send additional notices like your check-in protocol during flu season? Need messages to be sent in multiple languages? No problem! The Simple Interact platform allows for extensive customization without the need for code changes.

Complex Scenarios

You may have a pattern of booking back-to-back appointments for the same patient (ex: one with an audiologist, and one with the ENT provider) and want the reminder to go out only for the first appointment. You may need to apply a 15 minute or 30 minute offset to determine a recommended arrival time. Also, you might want to vary reminders based on the appointment types, or providers, or locations. You might even want different business logos used per location. All these complex scenarios and more are supported.

White Glove Service

You are a busy practice and your time is not best-served if you have to design and implement reminders, message templates, message sequencing, sending windows, or blackout periods. With Simple Interact, all you need to do is describe the business results you want to achieve. Our team of expert designers will create a solution while paying attention to design, patient experience, patient participation, integration, and staff training. Personalized service is about getting desired business results for your organization.

What our customers are saying

Business Impact

  • Reduce no-shows
  • Reduce appointment leakage
  • Increase patient adherence
  • Reduce burden on staff
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Communicate with patients efficiently

What to expect

  • Core functionality turned on within weeks
  • Results delivered immediately
  • Phased rollout to minimize disruption
  • Short and easy training sessions per phase
  • Exceptional customer service

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