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Speed up your patient workflow while reducing staffing needs.

Patient Intake
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Image Capture
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Consents &
Custom Forms

"Within a few months we have had more than 90% completion of forms before the patient comes into the office, saving us check in time and material costs."

Joseph Mathews, Practice Administrator
Advanced Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine (A Division of OrthoLoneStar)

Patient Intake

  • Mobile friendly and easy to use
  • Personal device and onsite tablet
  • Dynamic present/hide logic
  • Multi-language support
  • Comprehensive and customizable
  • Integrated to EMRs

Image Capture

We make it easy for patients to use their personal devices to capture images of their insurance cards, identity card such as a driver’s license, as well as a selfie. Some of our customers have even used this capability to ask patients to take photos of their medication bottles!

Screening & Marketing

Use criteria such as provider, chief complaint, age, and more to dynamically display screenings such as PHQ-9, GAD-7, Oswestry, Fall Risk, or SNOT. Additionally, patients can be educated about ancillary services offered by the practice. All this data can be captured in exportable data reports or integrated with your EMR.

Customized to Meet Your Specific Needs

Additional Form Packets

Need established patients to fill just the HPI forms for a new complaint? Need a patient to sign just one specific consent form on an ad-hoc basis? Need these signed forms to be auto-uploaded into the EMR? Consider it done! The Simple Interact platform allows for extensive customization without any code changes.

MIPS-related Data Capture

Thanks to our form customization capability, you can automatically collect data that is related to MIPS quality measures from your patients. This reduces the burden on your staff, makes data collection more consistent, improves your MIPS score, and helps avoid Medicare penalty. Click here for more information.

White Glove Service

You are a busy practice and your time is not best-served if you have to design and build forms. With Simple Interact, all you need to do is explain the specific business problem you are trying to address. Our team of expert designers will create a solution while paying attention to design, patient experience, patient participation, integration, reporting, and staff training. Personalized service is about more than replicating your paper process — it’s about getting results for your organization.

What our customers are saying

Business Impact

  • Reduce material costs (ex: paper, toner)
  • Reduce future staffing needs
  • Streamline and speed up patient workflow
  • Increase provider utilization
  • Automate data capture related to MIPS quality measures

What to expect

  • Core functionality turned on in less than a month
  • Results delivered immediately
  • Phased rollout to minimize disruption
  • Short and easy training sessions per phase
  • Low learning curve for staff
  • Exceptional customer service

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