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Simple Interact is a healthcare technology company based out of Dallas, TX, USA. We market a business-to-business software-as-a-service solution to medical practices, groups, and hospitals.


Simple Interact is a cloud-based mobile-friendly Front Office Automation platform that helps healthcare providers speed up their workflow, reduce staff needs, increase patient acquisition, and improve provider utilization. Our services include HIPAA Compliant Forms, Patient Engagement, Contactless Healthcare, Patient Feedback and Online Reviews, and Schedule related Automation. Our motto: More Patients. Less Paperwork.


A world where patients are at the heart of patient care.


Relentlessly pursue win-win opportunities where better patient experience also yields better business outcomes for Healthcare providers.


SMILE: We bring a positive attitude to everything we do.
SOLVE: We approach an issue as a problem-solving opportunity.
SHARE: We view sharing as an enriching experience.
SIMPLE: We strive to make working with us easy.


  • Be the premier Front Office Automation platform
  • Build and fine-tune a platform that allows easy expansion of services
  • Maintain high user participation and staff acceptance via simplicity
  • Continuously track and improve return on investment metrics
  • Continuously improve patient experience at each touch point

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