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Simple Interact, Inc. is an innovative healthcare technology company based out of Dallas, TX, USA. We market a one-stop Front Office Automation solution that helps healthcare providers improve profitability and efficiency by enabling them to acquire and retain more patients, while also automating repetitive tasks to efficiently handle high patient loads. We address front office concerns such as: Online Reputation, HIPAA Compliant Patient Intake Forms, Effective Marketing of Ancillary Services, and Automated Reminders. Our motto: More Patients. Less Paperwork.


Foster an ideal win-win environment where improving patient convenience and patient experience results in improving the bottom line and top line for healthcare providers.


  • Understand needs and frustration of healthcare providers, staff, and their patients.
  • Gain deep insight into front office processes and patient workflow.
  • Design intuitive solutions that are easy to use and require minimal training or support.
  • Continuously measure, analyze, and improve business results.
  • Share insights and recommendations with customers at regular intervals.
  • Pursue highest levels of security, reliability, and performance.


  • SMILE: We bring a positive attitude to everything we do.
  • SOLVE: For us, "it" is not an issue, it is a problem solving opportunity.
  • SHARE: We see sharing as a way to enrich ourselves.
  • SIMPLE: We strive to make all interactions with us or our solution easy.

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