Enable Patient Self-Service with
Scheduling Task Automation!

Minimize appointment and referral leakage while improving patient and referral source convenience.

Fill Canceled

"Simple Interact has completely revamped our day to day, and helped us streamline processes."

Elizabeth Barrett, Practice Administrator
Fort Worth ENT

Appointment Request

  • Add link on your website, Google, and Facebook listings
  • Link opens mobile-friendly, simple, concise forms
  • Patients can submit a request from anywhere at any time
  • Easy to use with no login required
  • Customized to capture key information your staff needs
  • Requests are queued up as tasks for scheduling staff

Staff Dashboard for Task Management

Your staff will want to work through all submitted requests in an organized manner. Simple Interact provides a user-friendly Task Management interface that enables staff to view and manage different task lists such as appointment requests, refill requests, release of medical record requests, and more. For each request, they can view the captured details, document progress as they take different actions, and finally mark the task as done.

Referral Request

  • Unique links and QR Codes for each referral source
  • Share QR Code in source-specific marketing material
  • Opens mobile-friendly, simple, concise forms
  • No need for referral source to login or enter their information
  • Forms customized to capture key information your staff needs
  • Requests are queued up as tasks for scheduling staff

Referral Management

Simple Interact provides a user-friendly task management interface that enables staff to view and manage a task list of referral requests. For each request, they can add notes and track progress as they take several steps such as qualifying the patient’s insurance and condition, contacting the patient to gather additional details or to finalize booking of an appointment, informing the referral source that the referred patient has been scheduled, etc. This centralized dashboard makes it easier for staff to keep track of any referral, and convert all the qualified referrals into booked appointments.

Fill Cancelled Appointments

  • Automated process to fill cancelled appointment slots
  • Uses rules to find matching appointments in future schedule
  • Patients with matched appointments receive notification
  • Patients allowed to claim slots on first-come-first-serve basis
  • Winning patient receives notification that they won
  • Appointment is automatically rescheduled

Customized to Meet Your Specific Needs

Custom Self-Serve Capabilities

Do you want to add more self-serve capabilities for your patients to request refills or release of medical records? Do you want to increase patient convenience and avoid requiring a login? Do you want to make sure that such requests are not lost, are handled in a timely manner, and tracked in a central place? Consider it done! The Simple Interact platform allows for extensive customization without any code changes.

Nuanced Needs

You may want to collect additional information from your patients or referral sources, including the ability to take pictures or upload files. You might want templatized messages, such as a thank you note to the referral source, that your staff can quickly send to referral sources or patients while processing requests. Perhaps you want certain requests to be pushed into a CRM system such as Salesforce. All these and more such nuanced needs can be supported.

White Glove Service

Our versatile platform allows our team of expert designers to quickly customize your processes to meet your needs while paying attention to design, patient experience, patient participation, integration, reporting, and staff training. Personalized service is about more than blindly digitizing your current manual process — it’s about getting meaningful results for your organization.

Business Impact

  • Increase patient and staff convenience
  • Increase referral source convenience
  • Decrease appointment leakage
  • Decrease referral leakage
  • Improve tracking
  • Reduce costs

What to expect

  • Core functionality turned on within weeks
  • Results delivered immediately
  • Phased rollout to minimize disruption
  • Short and easy training sessions per phase
  • Low learning curve for staff
  • Exceptional customer service

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