Streamline Patient Check-in with
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Capture data, consents, images, and payments safely and efficiently.


"With Simple Interact our patient flow has improved. The time it takes from check-in to check-out is shortened."

Sherri Lamons, Audiologist
North Dallas ENT

Digital Check-in

  • Complete prior to arrival or on premises
  • Review and update info (ex: address, insurance)
  • Sign annual legal forms, fill screenings/questionnaires
  • Capture images, payment, MIPS related data
  • Configurable and versatile
  • Integrated to EMRs

Virtual Waitroom

Whether you need patients to fill additional questionnaires like a COVID screening form, or want to implement a ‘social distancing’ safety protocol like having patients wait in the parking lot, we can easily adapt our digital check-in process to address your needs. The patient arrival status can be tracked in our task management dashboard or in the schedule view of your EMR.

Telehealth Consent and Reminders

We are agnostic to the audio or video telehealth platforms used by our customers. We play a supportive role by automating the process of getting patients to sign their telehealth consent prior to their virtual visit, and reminding patients of their upcoming telehealth visit along with the provider-specific phone/url to use.

Customized to Meet Your Specific Needs

Payment Capture

During our Digital Check-in process, we seamlessly embed a payment form provided by our payment partners such as InstaMed and PayGround. This allows patients to pay their balance due or copayment amounts. You can also use these payment partners for additional services such as online bill pay, and point-of-sale payment capture.

MIPS-related Data Capture

If you cater to Medicare patients and want to avoid negative payment adjustments, you must have a strategy to achieve a high MIPS score. Customers have us include forms that collect data related to MIPS quality measures in our digital check-in process. This reduces the burden on your staff and makes data collection more consistent. Click here for more information.

White Glove Service

Our versatile platform allows our team of expert designers to quickly customize a digital check-in solution that meets your needs while paying attention to design, patient experience, patient participation, integration, reporting, and staff training. Personalized service is about more than blindly digitizing your current manual process — it’s about getting meaningful results for your organization.

What our customers are saying

Business Impact

  • Streamline and speed up patient workflow
  • Reduce material, hardware, and staff costs
  • Increase revenue, and payment capture
  • Support virtual care scenarios
  • Improve patient satisfaction

What to expect

  • Core functionality turned on within weeks
  • Results delivered immediately
  • Phased rollout to minimize disruption
  • Short and easy training sessions per phase
  • Low learning curve for staff
  • Exceptional customer service

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