A Manual Telehealth Consent and Reminder Process is Cumbersome

If your patients are not aware of your telemedicine services, then the service will not get used.
- The University of Arizona Telemedicine Program
Thirty-eight jurisdictions include some sort of informed consent requirement.
- The Center for Connected Health Policy’s (CCHP)

Your Telehealth Patient Engagement Solution

Comprehensive. Mobile-friendly. Easy-to-use.

Step 1


Patients are sent online telehealth consent to sign.

Step 2


Patients submit photo of drivers license and insurance card.

Step 3


Patient receives reminder with session link to your telehealth platform.

  • Automated notification to patients of your telehealth offering
  • Capture informed consent as well as photos of insurance and ID remotely
  • Automate intake forms, confirmations, and telehealth link sharing

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