Case Study: Mid-America Orthopedics

Author: Ravi Kalidindi

Sam Williams is the Chief Operating Officer at Mid-America Orthopedics, an industry-leading orthopedic group serving Wichita, Kansas, and the surrounding areas.

As Chief Operating Officer, it’s Sam’s job to oversee the daily operations of the organization while keeping an eye on future projects and goals. Working closely with the leadership team, he ensures the needs of staff and patients are met efficiently and allocates additional resources as needed to maintain a high standard of care.

Exceptional patient care is a primary focus of the administrative staff, medical team, and executive leaders at Mid-America Orthopedics. The goal of each appointment is to provide a customized treatment plan for every patient through a strong emphasis on one-on-one communication and compassionate care.

With such high standards, it’s no wonder Sam and his team turned their attention toward ways to improve patient satisfaction. 

The Path Toward Improvement

After carefully considering all the major facets of their organization, Sam and his team determined a few key areas that needed improvement in order to boost office efficiency and patient satisfaction:

  1. Patient check-in
  2. Patient wait times
  3. Time spent on paperwork

The first issue they identified was the patient check-in process. Even with staggered appointment times, patients were often forced to wait in long lines just to check in at the front desk. This led to delays and frustration for patients, staff, and providers alike. 

The issue of check-in delays ultimately led to increased patient wait times, adding to the frustration. Just one appointment starting after the scheduled time could lead to a delay in multiple patients seeing their providers. This snowball effect threatened to tank the efficiency of the facility. 

Finally, a related issue was the amount of paperwork and paperwork-related delays associated with each patient appointment.

The amount of paper forms floating around was confusing for both staff and patients and difficult to keep track of. Patients often arrived at appointments unprepared to fill out 10–15 minutes’ worth of paperwork before they could see their provider. The staff was also forced to waste time chasing down information, clarifying written answers with patients, and manually entering data into the system. 

Sam knew there had to be a better way. So, after identifying these key areas for improvement, he and his team researched their options. 

Finding a Team-Based Solution

They looked into several companies that offered solutions for the problems facing Mid-America Orthopedics. Sam knew it was important to find a solution that could seamlessly fit into the staff’s established workflow and would be easy for patients and staff to utilize. He also wanted the company they chose to provide ongoing support throughout the integration process. 

With these points in mind, Sam and his team decided upon Simple Interact. 

One thing that set Simple Interact apart from other companies was its team-based approach — even in the sales process. Sam noted that throughout his initial contact with the company, the Simple Interact team emphasized and demonstrated the partnership they form with clients and the continued support provided throughout the implementation processes. 

This experience convinced Sam that his team would never lack support or additional resources with Simple Interact. He knew that should any problem arise, the Simple Interact team would be there to provide solutions and feedback. 

Has Simple Interact Helped?

As it turns out, Sam’s instincts were spot on. Since Mid-America Orthopedics started using Simple Interact for their front office automation, patients have experienced a significantly improved check-in process and much lower wait times for seeing providers. 

Patient satisfaction scores have increased, especially when it comes to the check-in experience, which should translate into repeat business and referrals. As the Chief Operating Officer, Sam is thrilled with these results.

Team-Based Customer Service

With Simple Interact, Sam and his entire team have been most impressed with the hands-on, team-centered approach, which was consistent from the initial sales pitch all the way through the implementation of the platform.

Sam never felt like Simple Interact was trying to make a quick sale. He didn’t even feel like they were only offering a product on its own, but a service-related product and the exceptional customer service that goes along with it.

Sam emphasizes his appreciation for the Simple Interact team’s responsiveness to questions and their patience with his staff, making sure everyone on the Mid-America Orthopedics’ leadership team was fully prepared and comfortable with the platform before deployment. 

The implementation of the Simple Interact platform could not have gone more smoothly, and Sam and his team highly recommend it to any healthcare organization looking to level up their efficiency and patient satisfaction scores.

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