How Simple Interact Integrates With athenaOne

Author: Ravi Kalidindi
A doctor navigates digital patient medical records with ease using Simple Interact’s deep Athenahealth integrations.

Athenahealth’s athenaOne platform is a popular cloud-based EMR (electronic medical record) system for medical facilities. Because of the software’s widespread usage and their openness to working with other vendors through a robust marketplace program, several companies have developed athenahealth integrations to close gaps or provide additional functionality where needed. 

However, not all integrated solutions for athenahealth are created equal. The difference-maker is the level of integration, which varies quite a bit.

Because we wanted to provide the most value possible, Simple Interact has poured resources into developing one of the most deeply integrated front office automation platforms for athenaOne customers.

Let’s talk about why deep athenahealth integration matters and what’s involved in Simple Interact’s solution.

Why Deep athenahealth Integration?

Deep integration is important because every additional minute you can give back to your staff has a compounding impact. It’s not just a minute eliminated from an inefficient task; it’s a minute that can then be reallocated toward more productive activities.

Simple Interact’s deep athenahealth integrations eliminate repetitive, tedious steps, such as manual data entry. They also speed up patient workflow, increase operational efficiency, and improve provider utilization, staff experience, and patient satisfaction.

Vendors who offer cookie-cutter, generic solutions that do just enough to qualify as “integrated solutions” aren’t able to achieve outsized results. For example, they may help facilities save 10 minutes per new patient and get 60% of those patients to fill out their forms. But with Simple Interact, you can count on saving 20 minutes per new patient and 90% participation in form filling.

That translates to a 200% increase in efficiency, or three times the value!

Simple Interact’s athenahealth Integrations

To see the difference our deep integration makes, take a look at these seven major areas where Simple Interact integrates with athenahealth to provide convenience and value.

  1. Sync Appointment Data With Calendar: Simple Interact’s bidirectional integration with athenaOne means all appointment data syncs seamlessly across both platforms. In other words, when you create, update, or cancel an appointment in athenaOne, that change gets pulled into Simple Interact’s calendar as well. When an appointment is confirmed, canceled, or checked in, the changes in appointment status and appointment notes are updated automatically in athenaOne.
  2. Patient Data: Patients can easily update their personal information, demographics, and emergency contact info via Simple Interact, which then pushes their information into athenaOne. We can also add alerts to the patient record to draw staff or provider attention when needed.
  3. Discrete Medical History: Simple Interact can push an extensive list of discrete medical history data — allergies, medications, social history, family history, vaccination history, etc. — into the patient’s chart.
  4. Encounter Data: When a patient checks in, Simple Interact pushes encounter-related data, such as history of present illness, review of systems, and screening results, into the patient’s record.
  5. Legal Data: When a patient completes legal forms in Simple Interact, the legal data related to elements like signatures on file and designation of representatives gets pushed into athenaOne as well.
  6. Single Sign-On (SSO): SSO eliminates the need to log in to the Simple Interact dashboard separately. If you’re logged into athenaOne, you can simply hop into the Simple Interact dashboard from there.
  7. Images and PDFs: Along with pushing PDFs of all completed forms into athenaOne, Simple Interact also sends over important captured images, such as of insurance cards, into their specific sections in athenaOne.
Infographic: How Simple Interact Integrates With athenaOne

Ready to Learn More?

Simple Interact’s athenahealth integrations bring tremendous value to a healthcare organization, providing a better overall experience for staff, providers, and patients alike.

If you’re interested in learning more, visit this page and submit your information. You’ll receive a full demo showing how Simple Interact integrates with athenaOne and see how our thorough integration can improve your bottom line.

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