How to Get Exactly What You Need From Veradigm App Expo

Author: Ravi Kalidindi
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Veradigm (formerly Allscripts) is a popular EHR (electronic health record) solution for medical facilities. The Veradigm API and ecosystem allow third-party vendors, like Simple Interact, to integrate with and supplement the Veradigm platform with tools like digital check-in, automated reminders, broadcast messaging, 2-way messaging, patient feedback, self-service, and other useful functions.

The Veradigm App Expo marketplace is a great resource for finding certified applications from its integrated partners. There, you can search for solutions to address issues with operational efficiency, workflow, or profitability your facility may be facing.

Our advice:To determine the effectiveness of a solution in the App Expo, evaluate the depth of its integration with Veradigm. Many vendors feature just enough integration to qualify as an “integrated solution,” but a truly effective solution will have more extensive integration.

Why? The deeper the integration, the more information gets pushed into the EHR, and the more your organization can decrease or eliminate inefficient and monotonous tasks, such as manual data entry. This ultimately saves you time and money, and frees your staff to focus on patient interactions and other high-value tasks.

How to Navigate Veradigm App Expo

When using Veradigm App Expo, it’s essential to browse and compare apps carefully to ensure the one you choose will satisfy your requirements and offer a solid return on investment.

The App Expo has dozens of solutions to choose from, but how do you navigate it effectively to find the right product?

Below, we’ve outlined an organized, systematic approach for searching Veradigm App Expo to help you sift through the options and find the best-fit solution for your needs.

Infographic: How to Get Exactly What You Need From Veradigm App Expo

Step #1: Rank Your Highest Priorities

Even before you open Veradigm App Expo, start by creating a simple spreadsheet to help guide your search process and keep you on course.

Begin by considering your goals — both your immediate needs and long-term objectives.

Consider which goals are most important to you and rank them by priority, from highest to lowest.

Lastly, choose one or more keywords for each of your goals. In other words, select terms that relate to the type of feature vendors provide or the type of problem those features solve. For example, you could use the keywords “digital intake forms” or “digital check-in” if your goal is to digitize patient forms to go paperless and increase workflow efficiency. Since vendors list product capabilities in their product descriptions, you can use these keywords to search App Expo.

Documenting your organization’s priorities ahead of time ensures you don’t get lost wandering through the multitude of options. You can reference our sample spreadsheet as a guide.

Infographic: How to Get Exactly What You Need From Veradigm App Expo

Step #2

Next, navigate to the Veradigm App Expo page.

Photo: How to Get Exactly What You Need From Veradigm App Expo

Step #3

From the menu, select “Certified Applications.”

Step #4

Using the left-hand menu, narrow your choices by choosing your Veradigm product. Also, filter by selecting the “Categories” critical to you and the “Desired Outcomes.”

Step #5

Using “Search,” further narrow your choices to the precise features and services you want using your keywords. Because the choices under categories and outcomes may not match your needs, it helps to be very specific at this stage.

For example, the search result below comes from entering the detailed search string, “check-in reputation reminders broadcast 2-way sms.”

Photo: How to Get Exactly What You Need From Veradigm App Expo

Look for Simple Interact on Veradigm App Expo

As you explore Veradigm App Expo, we invite you to take a look at the Simple Interact platform.

Simple Interact is committed to extensive integration with the Veradigm app. Our full-service front-office automation tools help healthcare organizations automate and streamline patient forms, patient engagement, and patient feedback. This speeds up patient workflow and saves time and resources while delivering a more satisfying experience for patients, medical teams, and front-office staff alike.

We’re happy to offer you a complete Simple Interact demo, with advice on solutions to improve your business productivity and profitability.

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