Beyond the Tech: The Key to Successful Front Office Automation

Author: Ravi Kalidindi
A medical front office team member is on the phone with a patient while trying to fill out paper forms because her office needs front office automation.

When people think of successful front-office automation tools, they often think first of the technology — but that’s only part of the equation.

It’s true that front-office automation, by nature, depends on the application of technology. The ability to digitize and mobilize what was once manual and paper-based has drastically improved healthcare efficiency for patients and providers alike. And with advances in artificial and business intelligence, it’s thrilling to catch glimpses of what’s on the horizon.

However, it’s easy to overlook one essential component of an optimal front-office automation solution — the people who ensure a successful rollout at a customer site and offer support along the way. At Simple Interact, we call the person who fills this critical role a customer success advocate.

Infographic: Beyond the Tech: The Key to Successful Front Office Automation

What’s a Customer Success Advocate?

A customer success advocate is the person we assign to each of our customers, from the beginning to the end of their engagement with us. This advocate oversees the planning, implementation, training, and ongoing support involved with each customer-specific rollout of our front-office automation solution. They also track the project’s success to ensure the customer achieves the results we know are possible.

Each advocate is available to the customer throughout their entire journey. They act as the first point of contact for questions or concerns, and they serve as the liaison between the customer and the rest of our teams.

Why We Offer Customer Success Advocates

Though many vendors have a “success manager” or “support specialist,” we approach this role differently. Mainly, we place a significant emphasis on proactivity.

For us, a customer success advocate isn’t just a reactive help desk available during business hours. Instead, they work to identify areas for improvement and solve issues as they arise before they become a problem for the customer. They’re more like a performance coach who helps customers implement solutions and get the maximum value out of their investment.

Who Do We Hire as Advocates?

From the beginning, we felt that our customer success advocates needed to understand what it was like to walk in our customers’ shoes. So, we chose to hire from the medical field — specifically, former front-office and administrative staff.

Consequently, our customer success advocates have first-hand experience with the same issues our customers face. They’re not from unrelated industries or fresh out of school. They have an intimate understanding — and therefore empathy and knowledge — about what our customers need and what will make them successful.

They know you because they were you, and now they’re working for you. They’re a crucial ingredient in our secret sauce!

Quote: Beyond the Tech: The Key to Successful Front Office Automation

What Our Customers Say About Customer Success Advocates

One of the first things always mentioned in feedback from our customers is how much they enjoy working with our team — primarily, their dedicated customer success advocate.

Our customers have peace of mind when working with their customer success advocate because they know these professionals understand where they’re coming from. There’s instant rapport and understanding, unlike with a generic support agent working off a script. They “get” each other.

One of the benefits of our customer success advocates’ specialized backgrounds is that nothing gets lost in translation. It can be difficult for a customer to convey nuanced problems to an implementation specialist who is a user experience expert but doesn’t have a healthcare background. Customer success advocates bridge that gap. Because our advocates understand both the customers’ issues and the Simple Interact software, they can effectively convey a customer’s problems to our implementation team.

This transparent form of communication ensures our customers get quick and thorough solutions whenever they need them.

Customer Success Advocates: A Huge Part of the Simple Interact Difference

In addition to providing exceptional customer care, our customer success advocates constantly help us improve! They’re our in-house subject matter experts, making recommendations and helping us improve our solutions.

If you’re ready to get paired up with your customer success advocate and learn more about our front-office automation platform, contact us today to get started!

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