How Our Medical Practice Clients are Ensuring Patient and Staff Safety from COVID-19

How Our Medical Practice Clients are Ensuring Patient and Staff Safety from COVID-19

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Healthcare facilities are facing an imposing challenge posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only does it disrupt business, but it also puts the health of their staff and patients at risk.

Rather than being paralyzed into inaction, our medical practice clients have found ways to use the tools at their disposal to mitigate the business disruption and health risks to the extent they can. Below are examples of the tactics we are seeing our clients employ.

Screen patients before arrival using email alerts

Several of our clients have added a reminder that goes out a day or two before each appointment asking the patient if they meet risk criteria and to call the office if they do.

Extend the office to the parking lot to minimize exposure

Some of our clients sent out a SMS text broadcast informing patients to plan to remain in their cars until their turn comes up. This is an effective way to maintain social distancing.

Leverage telehealth and integrated online forms

Some of our clients moved all their appointments to telehealth appointments. They are leaning in heavily on having patients fill online forms before their telehealth appointment. Because these forms are integrated with their EMR system, the data and PDFs are automatically pushed into the patient chart. Below is an Email that goes out to patients urging them to fill their forms.

So there you have it. Three different examples of how our healthcare clients have come up with clever ways to use tools at their disposal to mitigate business disruption and health risks. Human ingenuity is needed more than ever during this healthcare crisis.

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