Case Study: Boosting Reviews From Day One for 99 Healthcare Management Clients

Author: Ravi Kalidindi
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If you’re a physician with a stand-alone practice, you know the breadth of responsibilities physician-owners must handle. It’s so much more than just seeing patients.

Payroll, benefits, medical billing, practice operations — everything that keeps a medical practice in business in our challenging healthcare environment falls on the shoulders of the owner and perhaps a small team.

99 Healthcare Management knows the challenges independent practices face. A boutique practice management organization in Dallas, Texas, 99 Healthcare Management supports small- to medium-sized independent physician practices, helping them maintain autonomy while providing the level of back-end structure often reserved for larger organizations. They also help new practices get off the ground and establish themselves in their area.

As Chief Operating Officer, Amy Goliszek ensures each practice 99 Healthcare Management works with gets the support they need to succeed.

Challenges With Patient Feedback

Amy knows that cultivating reviews and developing a positive online reputation is crucial for the success of any practice — especially newer ones. But 99 Healthcare Management struggled to find effective methods for increasing patient reviews.

The company tried several methods on their own, such as having staff ask patients to leave reviews after appointments, placing QR codes in waiting rooms, and handing out cards requesting reviews. While this had a minor impact on review numbers, it wasn’t the significant result they were looking for.

One particular pain point 99 Healthcare Management noticed was in asking physicians to request reviews. They were reluctant to have what was, for them, a very uncomfortable conversation. Amy hoped to find a way to bypass this awkward element for physicians and their staff.

Why Choose Simple Interact?

After investigating different possible solutions, Amy discovered Simple Interact’s platform for automating the patient feedback and review process.

“We chose to work with Simple Interact because the name speaks for itself,” says Amy. “The tool is really simple to use.”

Simple Interact’s automation made collecting patient feedback easier than 99 Healthcare Management imagined. Staff could upload daily reports to the dashboard in 30 seconds. The system then automatically sent emails or texts to patients asking for feedback and reviews.

Amy appreciated how little work setting up the Simple Interact automation took for 99 Healthcare Management. With only one phone call and a couple test reports, the team at Simple Interact was able to get the system up and running themselves, and they remained available to make any necessary tweaks along the way.

“The setup was really quite efficient,” says Amy. “And the day-to-day operations are seamless with our normal workflow.”

Featured Image: 99 Healthcare Management Case Study
Quote: 99 Healthcare Management Case Study

Results: Simple Interact’s Impact

Since implementing Simple Interact’s patient feedback tools, 99 Healthcare Management has quickly noticed the following improvements in their clients’ practices:

More Positive Reviews

Almost immediately, the practices using Simple Interact began receiving a high volume of patient reviews. Amy thinks patients usually enjoy sharing their experiences, but they need some prompting to do so. Simple Interact’s automated review requests enabled patients to quickly and easily share that feedback with practices following their visits.

“Their text message and email prompting to encourage patients to write a review really provided an impact from day one,” Amy says.

Improved Patient Experiences

Another perhaps unexpected benefit Amy noticed was the improvement of the patient experience in practices that implemented Simple Interact’s platform. When patients offered feedback about an experience that wasn’t up to standard, practices could use that information to address concerns and make internal adjustments.

Reputation Building

New practices often struggle to establish an online reputation at first. As they helped clients get their new practices off the ground, 99 Healthcare Management found that Simple Interact allowed these businesses to quickly establish themselves online and boost their digital presence.

Instead of having to spend thousands on advertising, practices can instantly establish a digital reputation simply through patients sharing positive experiences online.

Why 99 Healthcare Management Recommends Simple Interact

“We use Simple Interact as a partner for our clients because it’s a great tool,” says Amy.

Beyond the general usefulness of the features, she’s seen it make a real, practical impact for clients. One, for example, jumped from a Google review score of 3.9 to 4.6 within just a few months of using Simple Interact.

Amy also appreciates how easy Simple Interact makes the entire feedback collection process.

“It’s very user-friendly, cost-effective, efficient, and it delivers on exactly what it’s supposed to,” she says. “And, they’re just great people to work with.”

If you’d like to learn how Simple Interact can transform your practice’s online reputation like it did for 99 Healthcare Management’s clients, reach out today to request a demo.

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