Customer Implementation Specialist (UX Designer)

Are you a creative problem solver who wants to understand customer problems and then identify, design, implement, and test elegant solutions? Can you picture yourself in a work-from-anywhere role that allows you to collaborate online with your team on a daily basis?

We are looking for someone like you to fill a Customer Implementation Specialist role. Simple Interact is a Front Office Automation platform that serves medical practices and hospitals. We speed up their patient workflow while reducing staffing needs. In your role, you will be working directly with our customers, helping them apply technology and processes to improve their efficiency and profitability while also improving patient access and experience.

Role Description

Simple Interact is looking for an Implementation Specialist who can create elegant solutions which address user and client needs.

About Simple Interact

Simple Interact is a cloud-based mobile-friendly Front Office Automation platform that helps healthcare providers speed up their workflow, reduce staff needs, increase patient acquisition, and improve provider utilization. Our services include HIPAA Compliant Forms, Patient Engagement, Contactless Healthcare, Patient Feedback and Online Reviews, and Schedule related Automation. Our motto: More Patients. Less Paperwork.

What you will get by working with us

  • Experience gathering client business requirements for design
  • Experience designing elegant solutions which apply your knowledge of human limitations and abilities while quickly addressing client business needs
  • Experience creating design guidelines which ensure usable form design across our company
  • Experience completing quality work quickly which is used by real customers within days
  • The experience working on a modern cloud-based system which uses some of the latest best practices and technologies in cloud computing
  • Direct access to Simple Interact leadership on a daily basis

What we are looking for in a person before they start working with us:

  • Eagerness to become an expert on usable form design
  • 100% focus on usability and customer satisfaction
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills
  • Eagerness and ability to quickly learn new technologies and complex systems
  • Ability to quickly learn existing processes and find ways to improve/streamline them
  • Know how to be resourceful when faced with challenges
  • Ability to creatively identify solutions to messy problems
  • Confidence to coordinate meetings with customers and influence them towards the right solutions.

What we would like to see within the first month:

  • The person has developed a thorough understanding of Simple Interact’s
    • Product offerings
    • Basic system navigation and configuration
    • Approach to client go-lives
  • Created several production ready custom forms for clients
  • Demonstrated ability to:
    • Problem solve through technical challenges
    • Proactively identify solutions to problems
    • Ask for help when needed
  • Ability to contribute on customer calls.

What we would like to see within 4 months:

  • Ability to create user-friendly, production-ready, and error free custom forms for clients
  • Completed an end-to-end configuration for a new client
  • Demonstrates an ability to identify client problems and create innovative solutions which the client might not have been able to articulate on their own
  • Follow established procedures while bringing a creative outlook to solving problems
  • Began creating design guidelines which can be followed by others while creating forms
  • Ability to lead customer calls when appropriate.

How to apply

Send resume and cover letter to Introduce yourself and tell us about how you will be a good fit for this job!

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