How a One-Stop Solution Offers Outsized Benefits to Your Practice

Author: Ravi Kalidindi
A patient fills out a digital intake form on a tablet for their doctor’s appointment.

How many front-office software solutions are running in your facility?

Imagine this scenario: Over time, an orthopedic practice brings in multiple software vendors to meet its needs. Today, the practice has separate vendors for each of the following services:

That’s seven different vendors just for the front office.

While this might seem extreme, it’s not uncommon for healthcare organizations nationwide. The office may have taken this path because they wanted a “best-in-class” solution for each need — a solution that does just one thing and does it well. Or they may have added one at a time based on current need or budget.

Whatever the reason, at the time, each solution seemed like the best decision. But here’s what happens: Patients receive alerts, reminders, and notifications from six different vendors with various calls to action. Though this flood of overlapping, unclear messages all come “from the practice,” it can leave patients overwhelmed and confused.

So, some of the patients complain to the front office. The staff then tries to contact the appropriate vendor but has trouble figuring out which of the seven to call.

It’s not an ideal scenario. That said, having multiple vendors is still better than relying on outdated paper-based solutions. However, it means healthcare organizations miss out on the valuable benefits of a streamlined front-office automation platform.

What’s the Ideal Scenario?

The ideal scenario for front-office automation is choosing a single vendor with a comprehensive platform that includes everything — from digital check-in to payment processing. This approach looks vastly different (and works better) than the piecemeal approach described above. Why?

  • Relationships. Instead of maintaining relationships with multiple vendors, technologies, and support teams, you’re dealing directly with a single company.
  • Communication. Patient communication is streamlined and consistent.
    • Patients no longer receive four separate emails with one to-do item apiece and varied messaging, but a single email or text leading them to complete all four steps (in the proper order). This results in clearer expectations, higher patient completion rates, and a better picture of each patient’s “status” for your office staff.
  • Troubleshooting. Rather than wasting time determining which vendor to contact with which problem, the staff knows to contact one vendor for all issues.

So, What’s the Catch?

It’s easy to see how working with one vendor is better than working with seven (or six, or four) at a time. If this truly is the superior approach for front-office automation, why don’t more healthcare organizations do it?

It’s because truly comprehensive solutions are difficult to find. And though some companies claim to offer every solution under the sun, that doesn’t mean they do everything well or according to your requirements.

The path you’re left with is finding vendors who are proficient at whatever they do and who offer the most comprehensive solutions possible, so you can minimize the number of vendors you have to use. Having two vendors is still better than having seven.

Are There Downsides to Using a Single Vendor?

While using a single, comprehensive vendor is ideal, there are tradeoffs. The best way to decide what’s right for your organization is to compare the pros and cons and choose the path that best supports your needs.

Infographic: How a One-Stop Solution Offers Outsized Benefits to Your Practice

Comprehensive AND Customizable: The Unique Evolution of Simple Interact

When Simple Interact started 10 years ago, we didn’t set out to be the most comprehensive platform on the market. We primarily focused on patient forms. However, our company ethos has always been to listen to our customers, learn their pain points, and help them solve their problems while also making sure our solution is transferable to other customers.

Because of this philosophy, our company evolved to cater to more of our customers’ needs. Now, we offer quite a few customizable services, from patient engagement and two-way SMS chat to patient feedback and online reviews. We can trace each of these solutions back to a customer’s unique need. When we say we’re “built by our customers,” we mean it.

Consequently, we only offer solutions that solve real problems — because that’s where they came from. And to ensure our solutions meet each organization’s needs perfectly, we build software with customization in mind. We believe your solutions should be tailored to solve your problems and pain points, not the problems of another healthcare organization.

Quote: How a One-Stop Solution Offers Outsized Benefits to Your Practice

Why Doesn’t Simple Interact Offer Its Platform as a One-Size-Fits-All Package?

The problem with a one-size-fits-all solution is that one size doesn’t actually fit all. Most “comprehensive” solutions lack the flexibility of customization because the software was created to fill a market gap — not to meet the customer’s needs.

We didn’t start off with the goal of filling a “comprehensive solution” hole in the marketplace; we simply ended up there because that’s where our commitment to our customers led.

We’re proud of the extreme customizability we offer at Simple Interact because it allows us to serve different types of healthcare organizations with solutions that truly fit them. Whether it’s FQHCs, regional hospitals, or physician groups, we’ve loved helping them identify and address the needs and challenges of their particular facilities.

Choose a Vendor With a Commitment to Customization for the Most Comprehensive Solution

We don’t pretend to have it all when it comes to front-office automation capabilities. However, we’re confident our platform solves most issues healthcare organizations face, and we know our unwavering commitment to customization ensures the solutions you choose will truly meet your organization’s unique needs.

Contact us with questions or to request a demo of our front-office automation solutions. We’d love to help you create a streamlined process for your patients and staff!

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