Unlock 5 effective patient outreach campaigns that actually boost patient health. Learn how targeted strategies enhance engagement and overall well-being.

5 Patient Outreach Campaigns That Actually Improve Patient Health
June 6, 2023

Effective appointment reminders can make a huge difference in patient adherence. Here are some appointment reminder templates to get you started.

Appointment Reminder Templates to Boost Patient Adherence and Reduce No-Shows
April 4, 2023

Did you know that our phased software deployment can streamline the process while delivering quick results and minimizing disruption? Find out how, here.

How Our Phased Software Deployment Delivers Quick Results, Minimizes Disruption, and Mitigates Risk
March 14, 2023

Most of the problems with patient portals originate outside of their primary function, patient access. Here’s why, and what to do about it.

Why Patients Refuse to Use Your Patient Portal (and What to Do About It)
January 17, 2023

If you’re looking for a way to decrease the number of no-shows, automate your patient appointment reminders, but ask yourself these 7 questions first.

7 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Automated Patient Appointment Reminder Service
January 10, 2023

Not all Athenahealth integrations are created equal. Learn why the depth of integration matters and what’s involved in Simple Interact’s solution.

How Simple Interact Integrates With athenaOne
December 13, 2022

No-show appointments are frustrating, but there are proven strategies to reduce them. Learn how to reduce no-show appointments with 7 simple tips.

7 Ways to Increase Patient Attendance and Reduce No-Shows
October 4, 2022

Simple Interact’s digital patient engagement tools can facilitate better patient outcomes and experience in 8 areas of your medical practice.

Why Simple Interact’s Digital Patient Engagement Tools Matter
September 13, 2022

All medical practices want to grow and provide care for more patients. Today we’ll talk about one essential area that may need a boost: patient engagement.

How to Improve Digital Patient Engagement and Grow Your Practice
August 30, 2022

Given the criticality of patient surveys from both funding and operational perspectives, health centers (CHCs and FQHCs) would be well-served to put in place a streamlined patient survey process that is repeatable, flexible, consistent, and reliable while also being affordable.

With a streamlined process, Lamprey Health Care obtained 100% of the desired survey sample size within 3 days! 200% of it obtained within 10 days, and 300% within 30 days.

How to Automate Patient Feedback at Federally Qualified Health Centers
July 28, 2021

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