Need help creating a patient intake form? Here are 14 templates you can use to quickly create an effective form that collects only the necessary information.

14 Patient Intake Form Templates That Get Results
April 25, 2023

Looking to achieve success in your healthcare organization? Learn how OKRs can be used as an effective framework with tips and tools from Simple Interact.

How to Use OKRs to Achieve Your Healthcare Organization’s Objectives
April 18, 2023

Learn how Legacy Orthopedics optimized patient intake, appointment reminders, and check-in with Simple Interact’s front office automation solutions.

Case Study: Legacy Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
April 11, 2023

Effective appointment reminders can make a huge difference in patient adherence. Here are some appointment reminder templates to get you started.

Appointment Reminder Templates to Boost Patient Adherence and Reduce No-Shows
April 4, 2023

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